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Thulusdhoo is a locally inhabited island situated 23 km away from Male’ International Airport. The island of Thulusdhoo features the best of what the Maldives offers: a crystal, clear turquoise lagoon and white sandy beaches. The soft sand and calm waters make the island’s beaches perfect for sunbathing and relaxing.

Most famous for being close to two of the Maldives’ best surf breaks, Cokes and Chickens, it’s safe to say that Thulusdhoo is a surfer’s paradise. Surf can be done throughout the year but is best between the months of April and November. The North Male’ atoll is also home to a number of other surf breaks, including Honkeys, Jailbreaks and Sultans, which are easily accessible by a short speedboat ride.

Thulusdhoo has a beautiful house reef that is home to a high diversity of corals and marine life, including colourful, reef-dwelling fish species, marine turtles, manta rays, dolphins and more. There are also a number of additional snorkelling spots, coral gardens and dive spots nearby.

Locals of the island are warm and welcoming. Early mornings at Thulusdhoo will see men and women heading out to run errands, some to work, while men do the same. Children run to school, or ride bicycles, laughing and racing with each other. Fishermen can be seen bringing their daily catches back to the island to be sold or cooked. Another common site is of adults lounging lazily on the ‘joali’, a hand-woven lounge chair or swing made of coir rope.

Enhancing the natural beauty of the island, locals paint their homes and doors in vibrant colours. The roads are unpaved and sandy, and with the use of vehicles limited on the island, the danger of a road accident is rarely an issue, allowing visitors to explore without worry.

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